This is a copy of our Health Guarantee covering your puppy; it must be signed and agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller (Blue Ridge Bulldogge Ranch).


This dog is being sold with the following registration: _________________________________

Registration Definitions

Limited Registration: Limited registration or “Pet only” means that you do not have the right to breed the dog, you agree that you will have the dog sterilized at your veterinarian's recommended age. Breeding the dog will result in a breach of contract and any guarantee will be void at that time.

Full Registration: Full Registration means that you have the right to breed and show the dog.

The I.O.E.B.A. Puppy Registration will be executed at the time of purchase. The buyer understands that the puppy will be eligible for permanent registration with I.O.E.B.A. and has been fully informed of how to do so.

1. All puppies require a $500.00 deposit. Deposit can be paid in cash, cashiers check, Venmo, PayPal, or credit card

(a 4% fee will apply).

2. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, with the following exception – if something happens to your puppy, you may either (1) choose another available puppy from this litter, or (2) receive a refund of your deposit.

3. All shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility.



1. Puppy has a 48 hour health guarantee following delivery to the buyer. The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a Veterinarian within the first 48 hours after delivery for a complete examination. Please keep your puppy off of the floor at the vet's office due to diseases.

If the veterinarian finds the puppy to have a serious physical condition other than a bacterial infection (such as Coccidia or Giardia, which are easily treated), the seller will do one of the following: (1) replace the puppy with another available puppy of comparable or better quality when available from the same litter or (2) receive a full refund. The puppy MUST be returned to the seller, and the condition as documented by the Veterinarian presented to the seller with sufficient supporting evidence.

If the puppy is not examined within 48 hours after delivery to the buyer, the above guarantee is no longer valid.

2. Each puppy comes with a Limited Genetic Health Guarantee against death or serious impairment of vital functions until the puppy is one year of age (unless stated as “special needs puppy”). If such inheritable diseases are documented by a Veterinarian and presented to the seller with sufficient supporting evidence, the buyer will be entitled to a replacement puppy from the same litter (if available) or a full refund. The seller is not responsible for medical treatment to cure such anomalies. If you decide to keep said puppy, a partial refund will be considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the seller, this guarantee is not applicable to any “special needs puppy” .

This guarantee does not cover what in the Bulldog breed consider normal or beyond our control: Cherry eyes, Entropion, Ectoropian. We cannot guarantee that the dog will not contract Mange. Mange is a multifactorial genetic disease that can be transmitted in a recessive manner. There is much dispute between experts as to the differing specific causes of mange, including environment, stress, and nutrition; therefore, we can not guarantee against it.

By signing this contract, it is assumed the buyer is fully aware of any breed specific predispositions.

This guarantee does not cover loose hips or hip dysplasia. Due to the abnormal build of bulldogs called “chondrodysplasia”, which stunts their leg growth, lengthens their back, and predisposes them to bone and joint issues.

We are not geneticists and cannot predict genetic problems. We do not breed dogs with undesirable conditions such as Mange, Loose Hips, E.T.C, we have DNA tested our dogs for the main conditions related to their breed and all are clear, they have also been evaluated by our Veterinarian for any physical abnormalities, however we cannot guarantee the previous generations did not have the above mentioned conditions in their lines, therefore we cannot guarantee against these conditions.

3. Your puppy will receive 1-3 vaccines depending on age, and will be de-wormed accordingly. Please keep your puppy away from any unhealthy pets or areas that may have been infected.

4. We are a strict no tail docking kennel. We are not responsible for any health or behavioral issues that results form buyer docking their puppy’s tail

5. In the rare event of death, the puppy must be autopsied by a certified vet, with tissue samples, E.T.C. Sent in for analysis stating the cause of death. A confirmed microchip number will be required along with the report.

6. Unless 100% avoidable, this dog cannot be euthanized without our consent. If unavoidable properly documentation by a veterinarian is required.

7. Injuries that occur after ownership is transferred, are the sole responsibility of the buyer, such as: if the puppy is neglected, hit, dropped. Kicked, stepped on, mauled by another animal which results in any physical problem, i.e., seizures, injured joints, death, E.T.C.

8. If this dog is found to be neglected, abused or otherwise not cared for, we have the right to confiscate this dog without a refund or return of deposit.

9. The buyer agrees to:
     a. Use the kennel name “Blue Ridge Bulldogge Ranch” in the registered name of the dog.
     b. Maintain up to date vaccines and de- worming.
     c. Keep the dog in humane conditions.
     d. if in the event that you can not keep your puppy at any time, you must notify Blue Ridge Bulldogge Ranch

prior to any re homing attempt, Blue Ridge Bulldogge Ranch reserves the right to approve or deny any possible new owners in the event of re homing, we will be happy to assist in any way we can to help find a suitable new home for the puppy/dog, we understand that events may happen and situations may change, and we are here for you.

Failure to comply with the contract requirements for said puppy will result in the repossession of said puppy with no refund.

This guarantee applies to the original owner only, and is not transferable if the puppy is resold/re homed to another owner.

This guarantee is NULL and VOID if all required vaccinations, and de worming are not preformed during the first year of life per licensed veterinarian recommendations/instructions.

Buyer Initials:__________________ 

By signing below, you agree to all of the information contained within this contract. I have read, fully understand, and agree to the terms contained within this contract: Buyer's Name (Printed): ___________________________

Buyer's Signature: _______________________________Date: _________________________
Buyer's Address ________________________________________________________________
Buyer's Phone Number(s): ________________________________________________________
Purchase Price: ________________________ Deposit paid (if applicable):___________________________


Heather Green-Martin
“Blue Ridge Bulldogge Ranch”
6239 Walnut Creek Rd, Marshall, NC, 28753

This puppy has been vet checked and appears in perfect health on:________________________________________
Seller's Signature: _________________________________________________________