The Olde English Bulldogge or OEB is part of the Guardian Dog group. They have a wonderful temperament for the family home while also having the stamina for various fields of work. They are a muscular breed of medium size (approximately 50-70 lbs for females and 60-80 lbs for males) with an appearance that is proportionate throughout the body.

Breeders such as ourselves wish to value the health and integrity of this breed through conscientious breeding such as avoiding breathing and eye conditions that many “modern” breeds of bulldog (French bulldog, English Bulldog etc.) perpetuate. Unlike other bulldog breeds, this breed is not excessively wrinkly. Overall in comparison, the OEB is healthier, has high genetic diversity, can breathe properly as well as birth freely (other bulldog breeds require c-sections)


Bulldogs originally were treated as bull bait dogs until the practice became illegal in the mid 1800’s. However, when the breed was revived, confirmation, unfortunately, sacrificed the health of the breed (breathing concerns, overheating easily, eye conditions like cherry and entropion etc. ). Over a decade later in 1971, a doctor at Ohio State decided to create a purebred dog that resembled the Regency-Period Bulldog.

In order to recreate the traditional breed, several breeds including the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, American Pitbull Terrier and Mastiff were used to tone down any aggressive behavior from the original bull bait dogs and achieve the desired physical traits.

On average OEB live between 10-14 years. They are loyal family members that also can hold several jobs and work in the field. They are easy to train and enjoy pleasing their owners. OEB’s are also hypoallergenic.  While every dog and every human is different, this means they are less likely to cause a reaction.

The following charts the differences between the OEB and other common bulldog breeds.



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